The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards which all early year’s providers must meet to ensure that children get the best start in life. It highlights key factors that work together to support children as they grow and develop.

Both the Statutory Framework for the Early Year Foundation Stage and the Early Year Outcomes (non-statutory guide) work as tool to ensure that children’s needs are met. They take into account the need the safeguarding and welfare requirements of children as well as the learning and development in their formative years.

As early years practitioners we support children through both the Prime and Specific areas of learning as outlined with in the EYFS these are:

Prime:                                        Specific:
Communication and language       Literacy
Physical development                  Mathematics
Personal, social and emotional     Understanding the world
                                                  Expressive arts and design

The Prime areas are fundamental to the development of all children and are embedded into our everyday lives at nursery. As children grow and develop we will introduce aspects of the Specific areas to support them with their continued learning and development.

Assessments will be carried out to ensure that children are making progress, this will be done in collaboration with parents and health care professionals to ensure the best possible start of each individual child.
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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
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Ofsted 2016 'Children develop high levels of independence and show confidence in their own abilities. Staff offer an effective amount of praise and support which helps children to keep trying and develop new skills.'

Ofsted 2016 'staff understand that babies and the youngest children learn through play and exploration. Toddlers delight in the sensory experience of using paint on their hands and feet.'

Ofsted 2016 'All staff have an effective understanding of how children learn through a balance of play, exploration and planned experiences. Children are eager to join in activities and are active learners.'

  (OFSTED Inspection, August 2016)
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