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Parent Partnership
We hope that at all times you will be happy with the service provided by our nursery. We welcome all feedback and will use it to improve our service and the care we provide for all children. In order to provide the best possible care for children we know that parent feedback and support will enhance what we can offer.

At Kinder Place our partnership with parents is vital, we want to work with parents as partners to ensure quality care and learning for their children. To this end we will:-
Welcome all parents to visit the nursery at any time - our open door policy means that parents may visit during their breaks, lunch or just join us for a session to see what their child does whilst in nursery or just to have some contact time.
Ensure Nursing mothers are welcomed and a private area provided whenever needed - breast feeding is a parents choice and a special time for child and parent, we feel it is important that parents feel welcomed and comfortable during this time.
Ensure your child's portfolio is always available, this is a shared record of your child's life both at home and at nursery - parental support in developing these files is important if we are to successfully support each child's learning and development together.
Make available all nursery policies to parents - parents receive an overview of all the relevant policies within their welcome pack but further information and other policies held can be found within the nursery or in the office for parents to view. Alternatively a copy can be made on request.
?Hold parents' evenings and parent forums on a regular basis so you discuss your child with your key person and share your ideas about nursery with us - these opportunities are invaluable for sharing information, ideas, concerns or compliments with staff and the management team. Often ideas for trip, outings or fun family events will come from these information sharing times.
Email: info@kinderplace.co.uk
Tel: 01723 342425
Ofsted 2016 'Children develop high levels of independence and show confidence in their own abilities. Staff offer an effective amount of praise and support which helps children to keep trying and develop new skills.'

Ofsted 2016 'staff understand that babies and the youngest children learn through play and exploration. Toddlers delight in the sensory experience of using paint on their hands and feet.'

Ofsted 2016 'All staff have an effective understanding of how children learn through a balance of play, exploration and planned experiences. Children are eager to join in activities and are active learners.'

  (OFSTED Inspection, August 2016)
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