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Welcome To Kinder Place Nursery

Kinder Place Nursery is a registered day nursery, with provision for 40 children aged between 0 and 5 years. Our nursery is situated close to the grounds of Scarborough Hospital. We work in partnership to provide safe, flexible and affordable child care for working parents within the local NHS and community.

What We Offer

It is important that staff are knowledgeable about the role they play, when caring for children. You can feel safe in the knowledge, that staff at Kinder Place Nursery are caring, qualified and experienced.

Our nursery provides a fun and stimulating environment for children. It's a place for them to learn and develop, during the important 0 - 5 years.

Meals and snacks we provide are all healthy. They are devised in collaboration with the Trust dietician and catering team. We prepare meals with children's nutrition and 5 a day in mind.

We offer care that fits with flexible working. Our nursery supports parents who work shift patterns, without the need to book full time care.

We are open 51 weeks a year. Our nursery offers care for both term time and non term time. We close only for bank holidays, 2 days to facilitate staff training and the week between Christmas and New Year.

Emergency and temporary placements are available - for courses, cover for holidays, or any other need, just give us a call.

Up to 15 hours of free childcare during term-time through the local authority for children aged 2 years and above (2 year funding is dependant on the individual circumstances of the family). We will work with parents and support them, to make the most of the funding available.

All leading childcare vouchers are accepted - Supporting parents to make a tax free saving.

Our Rooms

We aim to provide all children with a caring, safe, stimulating and well organised environment offering educational and enriching opportunities as they grow and learn. Our well-established team build trusting relationships with parents which we feel is essential to understanding and responding to the changing developmental needs of children and supporting them in their early years.

Kinder Place Day Nursery caterpillar room image


Age Group: 0 - 2 Years

Our Caterpillar room is designed for children under the age of 2. This area is open planned with space to play, eat and rest. Our outdoor area offers a place for the children to enjoy physical and exploratory play experiences in a safe and secure environment. The room offers areas for young children to explore and find out about the world around us. There are opportunities for the children to learn through physical activities, role play, creative opportunities along with toys and equipment that encourage their imagination to grow and develop. We continually review and reflect on our environment to meet the changing and developing needs of the children.

We work closely with parents as children grow in relation to weaning and sleep routines. Our nursery routine facilitates changing routines while providing a varied and interesting day.

Kinder Place Day Nursery butterflies room image


Age Group: 2 - 5 Years

Catering for children aged between 2 to 5 years, this room offers the opportunity for children to grow with supportive and knowledgeable staff who work with children to become active learners and to develop a greater understanding of the world around them. With opportunities to become more independent through free flow play both in our indoor and outdoor environments.

Our open plan indoor area offers varied activities for the children to explore and learn through role play, creative opportunities and imaginative experiences.

With a variety of learning opportunities both planned and through independent play the children will learn to challenge themselves, solve problems and become increasingly confident and independent as they near the time when they will go to school.

Observations carried out support staff to plan for and encourage children’s learning and development. The environment is continually reviewed and develops to meet the children’s continuing growth and interests. Children learn best in an environment they find stimulating, interesting and fun.

Our outdoor area offers the children the chance to explore the outside world and is ever changing and developing in order to meet and challenge the children in learning about the world we live in.

Our Vision

Here at Kinder Place we strive to be reflective practitioners who endeavour to provide stimulating opportunities in a loving, caring, warm and safe environment. We enable our children to be confident, resilient, independent individuals giving them the best possible start in life.

Our Aims

To provide a stimulating environment which allow children to take calculated risks. The environment reflects a healthy and safe space where children are provided with opportunities to further their learning and development e.g. activities within nursery as well as visits out and visitors in to the setting. Warm and caring staff create a warm setting where the child feels loved and valued.

At Kinder Place we strive to provide exciting experiences and opportunities through play with the early years foundation stage and characteristics of effective learning at the forefront of all our planning. As a setting we endeavour to ensure children experience awe and wonder of the world, through communities, the wider world and activities both indoors and outdoors. We encourage the children to develop knowledge of cultural capital and to broaden their minds and outlook on life.

Kinder Place creates a warm, safe and caring environment with the use of a key person to ensure that ach child feels loved and enabled to develop a sense of self awareness and independence. To as a good role model to demonstrate positive relationships with respect for all. “I care about you as well as for you”

At Kinder Place we strive to treat every child as an equal and individual regardless of their race, religion, cultural background or any additional need. We respect the views and opinions of every child whilst the practitioner demonstrates being a positive role model within our setting. Here at Kinder Place we adhere to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

At Kinder Place we pride ourselves on securing positive relationships with our parent and carers therefore enhances and embeds positive relationships with children. We work closely with outside agencies and other professionals to provide the best outcomes for all children. We understand the importance of raising awareness of charitable organisations and develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the needs of the local community and the wider world.

Kinder place will strive to provide a caring, knowledgeable and committed staff team who will go above and beyond to provide high quality care and education. As a company Kinder Place will support all team members to reach their full potential as early years practitioners through training and self-reflection.

What The Parents Say

We understand that choosing a nursery can be a daunting prospect. There are many options. However, we feel our nursery is a great place for your child. Here are some amazing testimonials, from other parents, who have trusted us with their children.

Joanne C. Said:

Our little boy attended the nursery since he was a baby. The staff are amazing, Kinder Place Nursery was like a second family to us. Our little boy needed a lot of medication and extra attention and we felt completely confident that our son was really loved, cared for and extremely safe. When we needed extra support and help the nursery went above and beyond what was required. We sadly had to leave due to moving. But we miss them all Very very much. I can't recommend this nursery highly enough.


Sue P. Said:

Both my children attended Kinder Place. A fantastic start to their education with varied inside and outside play. The staff were accommodating around my work hours and were supportive and approachable. Both my children have fond memories of nursery and still go back to visit despite being at school now. My daughter enjoyed the French lessons and my son loved the messy play and insects /animals. Well done to all the staff


Mike C. Said:

... started at Kinder Place at 8 months old and has just left to start school. He has loved his time there and become very confident and happy. The staff have been fantastic, he made great progress from the start and has moved forward to his first week at school really well. Would recommend to everyone